Be The Change

Set in the books and posters of hundreds of naive adolescents who have never actually “been” or never have actually “changed”, the saying in her dorm room made me uncomfortable. Did she want me to change? Should I? It seems an odd thing to have right above your bed, especially when you bring someone over here who you are allegedly attracted to. She covered the bed in white linen and it smelled like lavender and it made me think of warm beaches and it was snowing outside. She looked like she had been through a change or two a couple of times so I asked her, “what’s the deal with the sign?”

“I dunno”, she said, looking up at it and shrugging again. “I kind of like it because it’s right for the wrong reasons.”

She cocked her head to the right, like we were at an art museum. The poster letters were written in swirly gold script and the background was pink and water-coloured.

“It’s like, be the change right? Everyone thinks it means you have to change but I kind of think he meant “BE” you know? Like, embrace the state of change.”

Maybe not, but I liked it.

I looked at it again, also cocking my head to the right and the left, never really having thought about what it meant to be, or what it meant to change, or what it meant to be the defining figure of either.

“Yea”, I said, “I like that too.”

2 replies to “Be The Change

  1. I like this – it gives me a chance to see that phrase differently. Makes me wonder what other well-known sayings out there could be taken in a different way like this story. How could I take one and make it into a story? Thanks for sharing.

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