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I pretend that I am what I’m not. I’m a figment, dancing in front of a painted screen reflecting in blue lights.

I dazzle you and make you say my life is that much more worth living

I tell you stories made through changing lights and I promise myself that this will be the last time I’m stunting and turning with the wind.

I made a mask, and I stuck it on the internet.

I filled it with hopes and dreams and dedications to myself or the person I thought I’d be.

I gaped and gawked and lurked in the shadows while I projected bright lights onto the city.

I made a mask, and now it’s all I have, stuck in a sea of unreal and haphazard.

I sealed my own fate and I put my old self down a subway grate and made a mockery of honesty and redemption.

I made a mask and it fused to my skin and it became heavy and laden with regret. I lost myself somewhere between filters and now I can’t find where I went.

So I’ll take a photo of my face, and maybe put it in the right place, and maybe somewhere, I’ll turn up.

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