Buffalo Nickel

Pick up a nickel from the edge of the world and hold it in your hand. They’re big, the ones right at the end, the size of your head and made of real silver.

It’s why people come here, they come hunting for them, trying to sift them out of the ground with metal detectors. Nobody knows where they come from, but they have insignias on them, buffalos drinking water.

They say if you find one you’ll live forever as long as you wear it around your neck, but it’s big and heavy.

So when you go to the end of the world you find lots of people hunched over with these big things swinging around their necks. They make baskets for them that look like they should be for babies, but instead they’re for the big nickels with the buffalos on them.

Some people think they came from outer space, and I don’t really believe that whole thing they say about not getting older.

The people who live up there look like they’re old to me, but maybe they were that way when they got there. My sister said that if you put one of those nickels on and keep it there for a long time, if you take it off you’ll turn to dust.

That’s why they wear them so close to their chests like that, holding their humanity between their ribs, their backs breaking down with the weight.

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