Tourist Trap

Go to Monaco in the winter and find tiny cafes to sit in with notebooks and leave your phone at home.

Go to the ocean and ponder existence and write 30 pages a day while you’re at it because the sea will inspire you more than 6am in the city ever could.

Race to the bar where Hemingway penned a masterpiece and wait four hours to sit in the same booth he did.

Take a class and miss each deadline for each draft.

Talk about writing like words are things you must learn over decades and not things that come out of your mouth for fifteen hours per day.

Fantasize about the day you can quit your job and move to a cottage in the middle of nowhere with no wifi and no distractions because THEN, then you’ll be able to write, then all the words will bubble out of you all at once and that will be that.

Let me tell you, it’s a trap.

Because like it or not your brain will hold you in a cage, will hold you in a cage because to have not tried and not done is an easier fantasy than tried and failed.

What if you never had it in you?

What if your pipe dreams are all for nought.

What if all you need, all you need all you need, is a table and a pen and a piece of paper.

What if you’ve never been all that great in the first place.

Take a boat through Europe to have something to say.

Don’t do it, don’t do it, it’s a trap.

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